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Developed around industry specific applications

Born from a requirement for incident report writing, CIP Reporting's utility quickly grew into a variety of industries and applications.

Whether managing the report writing needs of a single department or sharing documentation processes between departments, CIP Reporting can be built to meet any challenge.

Risk Management

Documentation and Workflow Solutions for Risk Management

The job of the Risk Manager is to document and investigate incidents as they occur, understand why they occur, and proactively mitigate their frequency through the utility of tools and expert analysis. And that is exactly what CIP Reporting is designed to do. As incidents occur in any number of industries, documenting those in real time and with as much detail as possible is paramount to understanding if the incident was preventable, but more than that, what can be done to ensure it doesn't happen again. We've designed CIP Reporting with this in mind, and through your own defined process as implemented on our platform, the software will capture the requisite data, allow for case and evidence management, and provide visual and tabular analytics on top of it all.

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Casino Gaming

Designed with the Casino Gaming Industry in Mind

The Casino Gaming Industry is as highly documented as any industry in business today. Be it Surveillance, Security, Human Resources, Risk Management, State, Federal or Gaming Commission compliance management, and even Title 31 and IRS compliance, the Casino Gaming Industry writes an awful lot of reports. CIP Reporting empowers casino personnel to manage daily logs and Incident Reporting in Surveillance and Security as well as Human Resources and Regulatory Compliance requirements from a single application.

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Healthcare Risk Management

Risk Management is Key to your Mission; Don't Take Chances

In the world of healthcare, be it a hospital, patient care facility, or medical campuses, risk lies around every corner for both security and risk departments. When incidents occur, a very specific set of processes are in place and numerous pieces of information need to be documented. From employee incidents, patient safety and medication errors to name a few, CIP Reporting enables you, the customer to define what you’re reporting process is and what happens next. Your report form data criteria and the user permissions of the person or persons writing the report is defined, establishing the highest levels of security and data integrity.

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Retail Security

Loss Prevention is Top of Mind; Maximize Your Effectiveness

Retail monitoring and Retail Security can be a tricky proposition. When there's a lot to keep an eye on and when things end up missing, or shoppers suffer an accident or an injury, the report you'll inevitably write is only as good as the information you collect. With CIP Reporting you're able to create reports and logs specific to anything from managing events to writing incident reports.

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Shipping and Logistics

Precision Risk Management and Opertional Safety

Risk Management and Incident Reporting are huge parts of adhering to Federal safety guidelines and regulations in the shipping and logistics industry and CIP Reporting is the answer to managing those processes. Whether you've had a driver who's had an accident on the road, you're reporting a workplace injury, or if a pallet came crashing down off a forklift in the warehouse, CIP Reporting can quickly and easily build out the Incident Report and follow it through investigation, proposed resolution, and report closure while managing an unlimited number of data points within the report itself.

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Nightclubs and Entertainment

Don't Let the Life of the Party Be an Undefined Process

The Nightclub and Entertainment Industry is growing, and with it the need to better manage Incident Reports, Lost and Found, Patron Medicals, and more. CIP Reporting is absolutely the perfect product to not only create an easy to deploy and easy to use Reporting tool, but also implement and enforce process for all you report on. Whether it's event management, roster management, dispatching and tracking available staff, or incident reporting, having a singular platform to capture all the required details specific to the report itself is critical to accurately capture what's transpired. And with the ability to include images, video, and other media types, a single archived report is all you'll ever need should the information be called into question again.

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Other Industries

No Industries We Don't Serve, Only Industries Not Yet Served

One thing is for sure, if you're in business you have reporting requirements. Some of those reports and processes may be fairly simple. Others may be quite complex. And while CIP Reporting is perfectly capable of handling the simple reporting requirements, it's the complex documentation processes where CIP Reporting is truly exceptional.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“ When TRA started looking for an incident reporting solution, we had many features in mind: ease of use; intersection of time spent to relevant information; manager oversight; and robust reporting. We compared several vendors and CIP met all of these expectations and more. ”

Christine Dwight, COO

TRA Medical Imaging

“ The CIP software application has launched our surveillance department to the next level. We are now recording data and creating reports at the click of the mouse. I could not operate my department efficiently without this software. ”

Ben H. Ferguson - Surveillance Director

Resorts International